Hosting Server Update

domain transfer

8.4.2021: Our Hosting Server was substantially updated - Important information about e-mail accounts

Among many improvements of security and stability, there were some known bugs fixed within hosting panel, and we are able to provide you with current versions of PHP.

As a side-effect, authentication with encrypted password (aka CRAM-MD5 or DIGEST-MD5) won't work any longer, because e-mail passwords are now stored strongly encrypted on the server and due to that change, those mechanisms technically cannot function any more, only plain text password (PLAIN or LOGIN) methods will work.

To avoid passwords (or other transferred information) can be seen by third parties, connection security should be enabled, either using "STARTTLS" or "SSL/TLS". To avoid error messages / complaints on client because of wrong certificate, the servername should be "".

Notice: A change is only really needed if either E-Mail reception and / or E-Mail transmission isn't working!


Within account settings, authentication method "Password, normal" should be set.

Incoming server (IMAP or POP3), go to "Server Settings" below the respective account:


Outgoing server (SMTP), select appropriate server and klick on [Edit...]:


Within Outlook, "require login using secured authentication (SPA)" should be turned off: