Virtual Server - Prices


You get a root virtual server starting from CHF 35.00 per month *. Included within this price are:

  • 1 GB RAM
  • 50 GB harddisk
  • 1 CPU core

For greater needs:

  • Additional GB RAM: CHF 20.00 per month *
  • Every 10 GB additional harddisk space: CHF 10.00 per month *
  • Additional CPU core: CHF 20.00 per month *

Optionally, we suggest:

  • Offsite backup at another localtion per 10 GB:
    CHF 5.00 per month *
  • Expansion disk storage (slower, appears as an additional drive within VPS) per 10 GB:
    CHF 5.00 per month *
  • Web-based monitoring incl. e-Mail, Jabber & SMS notification (own ZABBIX user):
    CHF 5.00 per month *
  • Basic Maintenance Package: We perform upcoming OS Updates [1] within next 10 business days, critical security updates within 2 days, and monitor the logs for noticable problems (e.g. hacking attacks,¬† etc.) regularly and inform you immediately.
    CHF 25.00 per month *

* Billing for 3 month in advance

For a fully Manged Virtual Server, we gladly supply you with an individual bid.

[1] Not included are major upgrades to the next OS/Distribution Release like from Ubuntu 12.xx to Ubuntu 14.xx or Windows Server 2008 to 2012. We gladly conduct those works according our efforts for a reasonable price.