Virtual Server

 You have individual needs or want to operate software that's not supported by our hosting offers? But you don't want to operate your own hardware? No matter, a Virtual Server (Virtual Private System, VPS) allows you full flexibility.


  • 50 GB harddisk, 1 GB RAM, 1 CPU core
  • more disk space, RAM and CPU cores on demand
  • vorinstalliertes Betriebssystem Debian oder CentOS
  • pre-installed operating system Debian or CentOS
  • Managed VPS: monitoring, updates and free-of-charge incident resolution
  • Root VPS: access via SSH or VNC

Root Virtual Server

With a Root Virtual Server, you are the boss and have full access using a virtual VNC console or via SSH. You install the operating system and desired software by yourself. On request, wie deliver your Virtual Server preinstalled with a  current Linux distribution (CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian) without any additional cost.

Managed Virtual Server

With a Managed Virtual Server, we perform the installation of OS and required software. We also care about maintenance (updates, troubleshooting, etc.) of the system. Hence, you have nothing to do with the server itself and can concentrate on your core business.


You get a root virtual server starting from CHF 35.00 per month *. Included within this price are:

  • 1 GB RAM
  • 50 GB harddisk
  • 1 CPU core

For greater needs:

  • Additional GB RAM: CHF 20.00 per month *
  • Every 10 GB additional harddisk space: CHF 10.00 per month *
  • Additional CPU core: CHF 20.00 per month *

Optionally, we suggest:

  • Offsite backup at another localtion per 10 GB:
    CHF 5.00 per month *
  • Expansion disk storage (slower, appears as an additional drive within VPS) per 10 GB:
    CHF 5.00 per month *
  • Web-based monitoring incl. e-Mail, Jabber & SMS notification (own ZABBIX user):
    CHF 5.00 per month *
  • Basic Maintenance Package: We perform upcoming OS Updates [1] within next 10 business days, critical security updates within 2 days, and monitor the logs for noticable problems (e.g. hacking attacks,  etc.) regularly and inform you immediately.
    CHF 25.00 per month *

* Billing for 3 month in advance

For a fully Manged Virtual Server, we gladly supply you with an individual bid.

[1] Not included are major upgrades to the next OS/Distribution Release like from Ubuntu 12.xx to Ubuntu 14.xx or Windows Server 2008 to 2012. We gladly conduct those works according our efforts for a reasonable price.