Web Storage

Online Storage Solution, to have your data always at your disposition and to share with friends, coleagues, partners, etc.



  • WebDAV support for use like a local storage media
  • Intuitive Web Browser application with preview and editing functions
  • indexation of documents, which then can be searched on within the web application
  • Mobile App for iOS and Android devices
  • Synchronisation software for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Password protected sharing of files or folders
  • Backup of your data in a second, location seperated datacenter with access to backup generations

Multiple Access Methods

Your data may be accessed either over a user friendly web interface, mapped as a (Web-)drive using WebDAV or using the iPhone / Android mobile app.

Share your data

Single files or whole folders can be shared with other humans, e.g. to avoid the nasty problem of too big e-mail attachments by sending only a link to a big file. For sharing folders, you create a (temporary) user account, which alows others to gain read-only or read/write access to those paricular folders. 

Web Storage Free

User Account with 1 GB free storage space.

Web Storage Light

User Account with 10 GB storage space.

Web Storage Standard

User Account with 30 GB storage space.

Web Storage Pro

This product is dedicated to organisations or enterprises with multiple employees. It's designed as a complete replacement of a local fileserver or NAS. All users have access to the common area, while every user has his own personal area. Every user is able to share documents from the common or personal area. Also, repositories can be indexed and then searched for contents within documents (docx, xlsx, pdf, etc).

Incuded are 60 GB of storage space and an unlimited number of users.


Web Storage Light:

  • CHF 5.00 per month (CHF 60.00 a year) * including 10 GB storage space.

Web Storage Standard:

  • CHF 15.00 per month (CHF 180.00 a year) * including 30 GB storage space.

Web Storage Pro:

  • CHF 30.00 per month (CHF 360.00 a year) * including 60 GB storage space in total.
  • Additional 5 GB storage space usage will be charged with CHF 2.50 per month (CHF 30.00 a year) *.

* Charges apply annually